Outdoor Carpets


Outdoor Carpets New ideas for outdoor living Fior Grass Outdoor Carpets are the ideal decoration for balcony, garden, terrace or even in heavy traffic areas. Being UV- and water-resistant and easy to clean, these carpets can be left outdoors the whole year around. Customizable in size, shape, design



Logos Innovative Corporate Design Ideas Fior Design Grass products with logo designs can be used for many purposes: showing sponsorship and integrated into a sports ground, as an entrance mat for any building or as eye catcher at an exhibition stand.  The logos do not only have an incredible



Sports The perfect training course A permanently installed space for recurring training units is professional and effective. Whether it’s a circuit training, dribbling in football or hockey, or practicing golf. The Fior artificial grass training area withstands wind and weather and it does not wear out. And of



Playgrounds Don’t keep off this grass! Fior Grass Play Elements can perfectly be integrated into existing playgrounds or can serve as stand-alone play sites for kids. No matter where – public playgrounds, play schools or private homes – kids will love them. All areas with heavy usage suffer

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